Time switch clock with astronomical program

2x16A switching; daily, weekly and annual program


Manufacturer: ELKO EP

Ord. code: 4475 standard
EAN: 8595188144759

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SHT-4 | Digital time switch clock with an astronomical program

  • used for controlling the lighting (billboards, advertisements, shop windows, etc.) with no light sensor required.
  • function:
    • by entering the geographic coordinates, the lighting can be switched on/off by sunrise and sunset
      • the preset coordinates for European cities, with optional manual adjustment of the geographical coordinates
      • during programming, 120 minutes may be added to the time of sunrise and sunset
      • selection of ON/OFF functions at sunrise or sunset
    • Astro-clock with adjustable interruption
    • operating hours counter for each channel
    • timer - switching on the basis of real-time.
  • two-channel design, where each channel is programmable independently of the other.
  • automatic switching between winter and summer time.
  • sealable transparent cover on the front panel.
  • data and time backup using the battery.
  • battery life - up to 3 years.
  • easy replacement of the backup battery through the plug-in module, no disassembling is required.
  • supply voltage: AC 230V.

More information

  • Power supply terminals: A1 - A2
  • Supply voltage tolerance: -15%; +10%
  • Transition to summer /winter time: automatic
  • Number of memory locations: 100
  • Data display: LCD display, backlight
  • Operating temperature: -20.. +55°C
  • Operating position: any
  • Mounting: DIN rail EN 60715
  • Protection: IP10 terminals, IP40 from the front panel
  • Dimensions: 90 x 35.6 x 64mm
  • Weight: 126g (without battery) 


One of our top products is the SHT-4 timer switch. This relay replaces twilight switches and is used primarily to control the switching of outdoor lighting - for example, in shop windows, billboards, and other advertising areas, for the garden or public lighting.

The SHT-4 does not need any additional light sensors or sensors that can lose sensitivity with time, become a target of vandalism, need to be altered, and can be complicated to install. Thanks to the astroprogram, the SHT-4 controls utilizing the sunrise and sunset at the given location, by the specified coordinates.

Pleasantly, you do not have to worry about anything. The clock automatically accounts for the twilight and dawn shift, according to the seasons and real-time; it adjusts the switching time of the lights. It also switches between summer and winter time. If needed, you can manually add or remove up to 120 minutes to the switch-on time. This is useful if the sun sets in the summer, but there is still enough light. Simply set the switch on the specified time.

Coordinates are pre-set in the device for selected large European cities, of course, they can be manually edited and added. Thanks to the two-channel design, each channel can be programmed independently of each other. Backing up data and times with a battery that lasts up to three years, and thanks to the plug-in module, it can be easily replaced without removing the device.

An interesting tip for using the SHT-4 timer is in combination with the DIM 2 dimmer. By combining these two products, you can imitate sunrise and sunset daylight using any bulb. This may be very useful for example on farms, breeders or aquarists.

If you are looking for effective light control in outdoor areas, the SHT-4 is a great choice for you. For more information bookmarks "Documents".

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