SHR-1-N probes

Probes for level relay

Manufacturer: ELKO EP

Ord. code: 209970800001
EAN: 8595188111379

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SHR-1-N | Probes for level relay

  • sensor to control flooding
  • electrode with diameter 4mm is placed in a plastic cover with 12mm screw with nut panel or to holder mounting
  • possibility of mounting in a panel or in a holder
  • the conductor is connected to terminal board, shrink housing for feeder place insulation is a part of the device
  • max. wire profile: 2.5mm2
  • installation: after connecting a wire to the sensor, run the shrink housing over the wire onto the sensor. Heat the sensor and by shrinking the connection of sensor and wire will be hermetically sealed
  • weight: 9.7g
  • operating temperature: - 25...+60°C
  • total sensor length: 65.5mm

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