Three channels dimmer for LED (RGB) strips

For independent control of 3x single colour or one RGB LED strip. It can be control by 32 channels (RF controllers), potentiometers or external signal 0(1)-10V. Max. loads 5A of each channel.


Manufacturer: ELKO EP

Ord. code: 4916 standard
EAN: 8595188146814

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RFDA-73M/RGB | Dimming actuator

  • The dimmer for LED strips is used for independent control of 3 single-color LED strips or one RGB LED strip.
  • The expanded selection of control modes enables it to be combined with: a) Detectors, Controllers, and System units iNELS RF Control b) control signal 0(1)-10V c) connecting to iNELS BUS using DAC converters.
  • The unit‘s three-module design with switchboard mounting enables connection of dimmed load 3x 5A, which represents:
    • single-color LED strip 7.2W (ELKO Lighting) – 3x 8m
    • RGB LED strip 14.2W (ELKO Lighting) – 1m.
  • 6 light functions - smooth increase or decrease with time setting 2s-30 min.
  • When switched off, the set level is stored in the memory, and when switched back on, it returns to the most recently set value.
  • The dimmer may be controlled by up to 32 channels (1 channel represents 1 button on the controller).
  • The power supply of the unit is in the range of 12-24V DC and is indicated by a green LED.
  • The package includes an internal antenna AN-I, in case of locating the unit in a metal switchboard, you can use the external antenna AN-E for better signal reception.
  • Memory status can be pre-set in the event of a power failure.
  • For components, it is possible to set the repeater function via the RFAF / USB service device.
  • Range up to 160 m (in open space), if the signal is insufficient between the controller and unit, use the signal repeater RFRP-20 or protocol component RFIO2 that supports this feature.
  • Communication frequency with bidirectional protocol iNELS RF Control2 (RFIO2 ).

Technical parameters

  • Power terminals: Un +, GND
  • Supply voltage: 12-24V DC stabilized
  • Dimmable load: LED strip 12V, 24V with standard anode; RGB LED strip 12V, 24V with a standard anode
  • RF command from the controller: 866MHz, 868MHz, 916MHz
  • Range in open space: up to 160m
  • Mounting: DIN rail EN 60715
  • Protection: IP 20 from the front panel
  • Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 65mm
  • Weight: 130g




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