RF TOUCH-2/BE | Wireless touch unit

  • RF Touch-2 touch control unit is a system element used for automatic and manual control of switching, dimming, or blind elements and heating control elements within the iNELS Wireless system.
  • The control unit is available in two versions: 
    • RF Touch-2/BE – professional version powered via PoE, USB-C, or 10- 30V DC screwless terminals and communicating via Wi-Fi and LAN for connection in new home installations, hotels, hospitals, and office buildings 
    • RF Touch-2/BR – simpler version powered via USB-C or 10-30V screwless terminals and communicating via Wi-Fi for easy connection in renovated rooms without having to connect to the local network
  • Both versions communicate wirelessly with iNELS Wireless units using radio frequency and allow up to 40 wireless element addresses and 30 detectors to be connected in this way.
  • RF Touch-2 touch unit also serves as a communication gateway, so besides direct control via the 4“ capacitive display, it allows communication with the system via the iNELS app and provides connection to the iNELS Cloud.
  • A great advantage of the unit is that it supports the MQTT protocol, thus allowing controlling it via HomeKit, Home Assistant, and other Smart Home and professional BMS integrations.
  • RT Touch-2 unit offers a range of automatic functions that can be used even when not connected to a local network, such as controlling heating modes, timers, light scenes, and left buttons.
  • RF Touch-2 features integrated temperature and humidity sensors for controlling heating modes and a proximity sensor for non-contact lighting of the display. 
  • Innovative design allows for easy installation in a mounting box

Technical information

  • Number of connectable components: 40
  • Supply voltage: USB-C (5V) ; Passive PoE (24V) ; Power terminal block (20-30V DC)
  • Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 10 mm
  • Radio communication protocol: RFIO2
  • Wi-Fi communication protocols: 802.11 b/g/n (802.11n to 150 Mbps) ; A-MPDU and A-MSDU
  • LAN communication: Ethernet 100 Mbit/s

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