HRN-42 - Power voltage: 230 V AC

The relay protects overvoltage / undervoltage AC and DC in three ranges

It protects the level of undervoltage and overvoltage in three ranges: (min./max.) 10 - 50V, 32 - 160V, 100 - 500V AC/DC; 2x 16A switches


Manufacturer: ELKO EP

Ord. code: 4725 standard
EAN: 8595188140447

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HRN-42 | Protecting voltage relay

  • Relay designed for protecting DC and AC voltage in three ranges.
  • The relay controls the size of the voltage at two independent levels (Umin, Umax).
  • two versions, HRN-41: function “HYSTERESIS” and HRN-42: function “WINDOW”
  • “MEMORY” function - to return from the error to the normal state, it is necessary to press the “RESET” button located on the front panel of the device
  • The function of the second relay (independently / in parallel).
  • The adjustable delay for eliminating short-term outages and surges for every level independently.
  • galvanically separated power supply from measuring inputs (compared to HRN-3 series monitoring relays)
  • Output contact 1x switch 16A / 250V AC1 for each monitored voltage level.
  • In 3-MODULE design, fixing to DIN rail.



                  Guarded values > U (Overvoltage), <U (Undervoltage)
                  Power voltage 24 V AC/DC, 230 V AC
                  Number of phases 1
                  Design 3-MODULES
                  Monitored voltage range 50 V AC/DC, 160 V AC/DC, 500 V AC/DC

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